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PE and statistic in term of real gains


As long as the poster is not trying to sell anything, it’s all ok, I think. I disabled the links, anyway, just in case.

Hi marinera!

I spent most of my Friday try to understand the “thunder’s result gain report poll” and I realised that most of people here perform Manual exercise, and some people use devices.

So it is simple to understand the poll because “if there are more people watching football than basketball” it is understandable that football will be more popular than basketball, but does not mean football is better that basketball

What I am trying to say is most people vote manual exercises because they are performing these exercises, if you counting on some members who used hanger you will get 8/10 of them telling you they got some gains, if you counting on numbers of people who used Manual exercise you will 5/10 then they will tell you that starting using clamp, pump, hanger, stretcher devices etc.


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