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PE and puberty

PE and puberty

I am 19, and haven’t finished puberty yet.I’m at the bum fluff on face stage. That’s fine with me, I don’t mind looking young because the drinking age is 18 here! Well anyway, I am about 6.25EL x 4.25EG and am interested in increasing girth even though my girlfriend insists my penis is great! Well it’s nice to be appreciated.

So my question is, will I inhibit any growth that might have happened naturally by starting Jelqing?
Thanks for your time

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Hey, I’m still kind of new to this whole PE thing, but based on my background knowledge in biology and physiology (and being really good at researching) I’ve come to the conclusion that since you (and potentially me) are still quite young and either growing or have the max amount of smooth muscle present in the penis, PEing will actually cause us to gain quicker. It’s like working out, at a young age, you can put on muscle and tone muscle much quicker than someone whose 25+ because of how our muscles work. And if PEing works the supposed smooth muscle in the penis causing it to lengthen, then proper PEing at a somewhat early age should yield results. Also the age of 19 isn’t exactly prime growing time for men so you really don’t have to worry too much, as long as you PE properly. Any other thoughts?

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My assumption is that PE during puberty would help you grow faster in addition to your body’s natural growth. If you are still growing then I see your natural pubescent hormones almost as steroids for your dick workout. Just how I see it. Not a lot of science behind it. You could always start with a lighter routine just for penis health and then move up once you think you’re done growing naturally.

I think the whole stunting your growth through exercise thing is more myth than anything. If these kids today can grow to 6ft plus on cheesy poofs and all the other garbage we eat today then I doubt some moderate weight lifting(or jelqing) would hurt.

Thanks for your interesting input. You have made some substantial gains in less than 3 weeks; I know everyone’s different but I suppose your results hint at your theory being correct.

To the man from Canada; what routine are you using? Is it the standard newbie routine or are you pushing yourself a little bit harder?

Hey TickingBy, I’ve been using the standard newbie routine, but I do maybe 5 more minutes of heat wrap at the beginning and for my stretches, I find that the regular “ok” grip pull doesn’t give me a) a good grip and b) enough force to feel like I’ve actually stretched something, so I tend to use two hands for my stretch. I also do 3-4 second jelqs as opposed to 2-3 seconds, but I’m only 60% erect and my grip is really consistent, but I’m not choking it. I figure after two months, I can work my way up to doing V-stretches and some of the advance jelq techniques.

You are what you eat, with the exception to pussy of course.

Started: 2008-03-30 BPEL 6.000 EG 5.500

Last Measure: 2008-04-17 BPEL 6.125 EG 5.750

I think PE during late puberty growth will only enhance natural growth. I wished I have known about this when I was 18-19. Hell I wish I knew about this when I was 14.

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I know a few things about the human body and I also do not see any reason why PE should inhibit natural growth. And indeed it could be possible that PE during this period of frequent erections and sexual excitement is more effective.

Please continue and let us know the answer in a few years :)

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