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PE and prostate cancer


PE and prostate cancer

Hello to all from the isle of Manhattan. I’m new - just got a x4 labs extender, and I’m trying to learn of the different methods around here!

To introduce myself, I’m a prostate cancer survivor - 2 yrs. Post-radiation, no erections yet since then. I’m 63, never had a prob with any of this until I was treated. The treatment nuked away 2”s of length, the girth is about the same. I haven’t measured, but Id guess my length is about 7.5” when I got an injection to make it hard, and the girth remains at about 7”, before radiation, I was about 8.5 - 9” hard and the girth was about the same. Flaccid I measure 6.5” now (just measured) and the girth is 4.5”. My penis was always pretty sizable, so I’ve never considered doing anything about it!

Now, being single (wife died) and can’t get it hard - I’m depressed. However I’m considering an implant and it was suggested that I get the x4 labs to regain as much length as possible prior to the operation - maybe I’ll regain erections too if I do all the work you’re talking about.

So I know I’m kind of old for this stuff, hope that doesn’t get folks upset here. Does anyone know if there any other people in my “predickament” ? Facing issues from cancer? - I never was told to expect shrinkage - not only did my cock shrink, but my balls are like “raisonettes” as well, from the radiation.

Are you guys familiar with extenders - to regain max length - I liked where I was before, but once you’ve had this length it is pretty devastating to have it shrink, and even if I’m still not small, I feel small - and it looks “foreign” to me!

What about balls? Does anyone know where/how I might regain some size there? I’m open to suggestions. Thanks

Hi Predickament, welcome aboard.

I don’t know if there are other people who had prostate cancer around here. But there are many people 60+ years old and by what I know age is not a problem as far as gains are concerned. Manual exercises should work better than an extender, since they boost EQ also - not sure they can help with your specific form of ED though, the only way to know is just try. :)

Thanks for the welcome Marinera! Sorry I don’t know what EQ is (mental “equilibrium”?) just joking, or maybe not! :-) I’ve been doing manual exercises that I saw on “pe-gym” last week. I’ve put in about 4 days so far, and mangled my dick in the extender the 1st day (Saturday) getting over the cuts - I got it caught on both sides putting it on - still trying to adjust the length and getting the tension right. I did try a vacuum device (recommended) but I hated it and really got squished by the cock-ring they provided - since my girth is larger than anything they seem to accommodate - I’m sure I could get a larger size, but I really felt damaged by the ring! Still not quite back to normal. Why do you say the manual is better than the extender? Why not both? Have you had experience with the extender?

Yes I had, Predickament.

An extender :
1) will do about nothing for your girth;
2) will do about nothing for your EQ (Erection Quality; when you see an acronym you don’t know, try sticking with the mouse pointer on it, and an hint should appear);
3) will require hundreds of hours of wearing to give length gains.

You can do both, manuals + extender, if you want, but my personal opinion is that an extender will be more useful when you’ll become an advanced and gains with manuals will slow down. Also I’d suggest to start with an easier version of newbie routine - try the linear routine.

OK Marinera - thanks for the advice and the acronyms drive me bananas - I’ll try the mouse - maybe I’ll start an acronym dictionary. I’ll give the linear a shot, wish I could speed things up, my consultation with the implant specialist is at the end of the month. It’s a pretty scary op, but after 2 months healing - most of the guys like it a lot - since you can have an erection at will for as long as you want, or your significant other(s) want - multiples would be no prob - since there’s no ejaculation anyway - but the orgasm’s still good - even soft! Figure! :-)

PE GLOSSARY AND FAQ — Finally Updated!!


What’s the implantation about? I know nothing. I think it would be well worth starting a new, your own thread, since I think your story could be interesting for some people here.

I’ve been really upset about my situation for 2 years, and about 2 months ago came across a site for prostate cancer survivors and intimacy - lots of guys and even wives will get on to discuss related problems with ED, incontinence, no ejaculations, etc. Etc. - There are a host of issues that accompany this disease, and while I assumed that the “pills” would work if I did have a prob - the oncologist just said “use it or lose it” - I had ejaculated every day of my post puberty life, with the exception of maybe 10 days due to hospitalization - sickness never stopped me - I’m obsessed with getting it on! The pills don’t work for a bunch of us. There are injections that you give your dick, but I can’t see putting a needle in my cock every time I want a hard on, or excusing myself on a date - inject in the bathroom and wait a half hour to have a very hard on that’ll last for a couple of hours wanted or not - it might be a little “forward” on a date!! :-)

So it wasn’t until I found the site that I heard about the surgery. The implant is apt to be slightly smaller than your erect penis - but the exercising helps with the elasticity and makes the job easier for the surgeon. The implant itself is a pair of tubes stuffed into either side of the penis, and a “pump” located discretely in the nut sac, and a reservoir of saline solution placed in the upper part of the groin where guys may get a hernia. The operation is done through the upper part of the scrotum, at the base of the dick, in a one inch incision, the whole thing is done - there are different lengths of tubes for the length of penis - most guys may find themselves back to the length they were before prostate treatment, others just a bit smaller, that done, they can press a button on the pump in the sac a few times and have a hard on (inflation) to a desired length, and then afterward press a “deflation” button on the other side of the pump in the sac.

I’m still debating whether or not I want to do this - it’s quite painful, and I keep thinking I’m too old - and I should just adjust to the cards dealt, but then I think - what if I live ‘til I’m 90 - no erection would be hell! In fact there is a video of an extremely “hung” 90 yr. Old undergoing the operation! I saw two videos of it, and it’s very uncomfortable to see the “jewels” messed with, a little close to home so to speak, but everyone who has had it done, and there are several on that particular site - are very happy they did it! Obviously most prostate cancer survivors are around my age - so the operation is fairly normal for us!

The option itself has given me hope - and led me to this site as well - In all probability I’ll do it, so the possibility of an intimate life might be restored and the emasculated feeling will be appeased! When my wife died I had to raise my 2 kids - I started sort of late so my daughter, who lives with me is 25 now, and my son out in Seattle is 30. I haven’t had the chance to live a normal life, sexually speaking, since I didn’t want to subject the kids to a bunch of partners parading in and out of the apartment - so I’ve been limited - my daughter had just graduated from college 2 years ago - and I thought ok I’m home free and can have some fun! - Got diagnosed with the cancer about a month after! Ugh! Ironic!

Maybe you’re right about starting a thread - it might address issues for the “oldsters” who still want to have a “life”!

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If you take viagra or cialis, can you have an erection? No chances that mechanic therapy could improve your erection? I mean, maybe you could delay the surgery, to see if you can have improvements without it. Just asking, I’m pretty ignorant about prostate cancer and its consequences. :)

By the way that’s really useful, I don’t know how I missed it (PE glossary etc.) I visited there, but didn’t see it - or maybe I got interested in so many other things around there, that I never finished! I have to review the linear - newbie routine, I still can’t really figure out what a jelq is - obviously it’s different from masturbating - but when I started it that’s what I ended up with! Every time! Maybe the thing to do is jerk it first in the AM, and then get back to business a few hours later - if I don’t get interested in the feeling again!

Thanks again Marinera!

None of those pills have worked, I get something of a “stuffer” and that’s about it! I don’t know about whether erectile recovery is possible this far out- actually the last time I saw my oncologist - 2 wks. Ago - he actually brought up the implant - after the 2 year time is passed with minimal results from meds - and since a lot of guys don’t like to stick their cock - implants are next in line! While the surgeons recommend the extender device, I don’t know if they know about the exercise routines available, I’ll be bringing it up to the surgeons - getting 3 different opinions - maybe if I fall into a good newbie routine I might respond - before the date - I’ll still see what they have to say about the testicular atrophy and a wee bit of Peyronies, or something like git (plaque build-up) mid-section of my shaft, which creates even more girth, which I’d just as soon do without - but I think a partner might actually like it better than the length!

I think the Doc advised the extender to help with the plaque, more than anything else.

Actually no - I haven’t brought it up to the doc yet. The extender is to create the elasticity, making the placement of the tubes into the sides of the penis easier! At least that’s what I heard on the site for PCa, I’ve asked others who’ve had the implant and evidently it’s common procedure to use the extender a few months prior to surgery - I may opt to hold off the surgery a while longer to see if I can get more length - I’ll ask the doc - they seem to understand that guys want to recover as much size as they can/had prior to the prostatectamy or radiation.

Sounds ok. Don’t get surprised if your Doc says that it is impossible to enlarge your penis or even that this is dangeorous - PE is still a secret techniques and only a few of us ninjias do know that it is effective. ;)

8 years ago I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. I surgery cause wife and I discussed the issue and she would rather have me than a stiff dick. Good woman - we had been married 27 years at that point. I was 58 years old. Last month I turned 66.

The doctors did not tell me that I would have a smaller dick. Also they didn’t tell me I would have ED. Never measured my dick before prostrate cancer cause I didn’t get complaints. It was approx 6 1/2 inches long and about the diameter of a toilet paper roll. After surgery it was smaller in length and diameter but with the help of this forum I have got back close to the original size.

I use injections to get an erection. Every once in a while I get a morning woody but it won’t last.

One morning recently I took Viagra before doing PE. Got an erection that lasted for an hour.

Wow! Limpone that’s great news! My Uro told me that sometimes the pills will work - they never have for me! But about twice a week I’ll wake up with a wood - and it’ll go away! I’m 63 - didn’t want sex to be a past-tense issue at that age - none of the docs warned me either - and I’m in Manhattan! Where they should know better, — in fact I complained about that to my oncologist after telling him why I left the Uro who told me to go to him - I said that I thought they were both evading the most important issue and neither of them were upfront with me! I’m still with the onco - but so long uro!

I’m very encouraged by the results you’ve had - how long did it take? What was your routine? Since we’re closer in age - I’d be curious about your experience. Have you used an extender?

Love your Avatar! You’ve got a sense of humor! :-)

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