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PE and Phimosis?

PE and Phimosis?

Hey Guys,

I am 19 and I have phimosis/paraphimosis. Though I can actually pull my foreskin down to reveal my glans, it creates this sort of “belt/waist” thing around my penis. Just imagine if your penis was wearing a belt under the glans. Knowing this, is it ok for me to do PE? I can jelq with my foreskin over my glans no problem, but upon further reading, people say it’s not as good. Also, if you guys know what to do to cure this penis belt thing it would be gladly appreciated.

-Happy new years guys.

I have a worse form of phimosis I.e. pinhole phimosis. I’ve never seen my glans my entire 20+ years of living lol that being said, since you can reveal your entire glans, I read steroid creams and stretching works well. Ask a doctor what type you need.

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