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PE and penis problems

PE and penis problems

Hi.. First posting here. I’d found this site years ago, forgotten all about it, and rediscovered it recently.

Anyway, I’ve had various “issues” with my penis over the years, starting from my mid-teens - I’m 36 now. I’ve been curious if some of the problems I’ve had over the years should cause concern if I tried to do any of this PE stuff, which I’ve been contemplating for a while.

During puberty, I had phimosis which I was afraid to say anything about for a few years - I eventually had to explain it to my parents, but the pain of not doing anything was becoming too much. I’d been getting tearing and bleeding inside the foreskin, and it was eventually closing up to the point that it couldn’t retract or be cleaned properly. I was also reluctant to lose my foreskin because, well, ever since I discovered masturbation, rubbing my glans through the skin with my thumb was how I pleasured myself.

I had a dorsal slit operation to fix it which was fine for a while, though it looked and felt a bit weird and took some getting used to. After some time, though, even that began to close up again to the point that I had to be fully circumcised.

It took a while for the nerves to start adjusting and to learn how to masturbate again.

Some time after that, I had a problem with my urine shooting off to the left-hand side when I peed. That was very messy and embarrassing! The urologist, the same one who had been treating the earlier problems, gave me a cystoscopy (ouch!), but didn’t see anything obvious. Following that, it rarely happens now, so maybe that in and of itself fixed whatever was wrong.

Anyhow, he also seemed to think I have a form of balanitis. The skin of my glans is a bit discoloured and dry, sometimes a bit wrinkly. I wouldn’t say it hurts, but it doesn’t feel quite as nice as it did when I was younger. I expected it to have some trouble being circumcised as an adult.

One last thing is, around the same time as the urinating problem, I had a hard bump which I described to the urologist as being like a grain of sand under the skin on the top of the shaft, next to the large vein. I could only feel it during erections, so obviously it wasn’t really something I could show him properly. This persisted for several months, but eventually went away by itself. I can’t recall exactly what he said he thought it might be, but it may have been something like a lymphocele or thrombosed vein or something. I’m honestly not sure.

But, that’s a condensed history of my problems. So, is any of this cause for concern as far as PE goes?

Hi reynard.

I’m sorry to hear of your probblems. You mentione balinitis as one of them. I don’t know if you can make this link but it contains information in treating it.…/Treatment.aspx

As you see it’s a UK based site. if you can’t reach it in ausie-land i’ll Pm it to you.

Hope that helps.


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