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Thanks for the response, Richard. I figured out what you meant in your original post a few days ago, I have just been avoiding using my computer the past few days (porn-quitting method).

I’m 19 days into the 5 minute stretch/ 5 minute jelq routine, and I measured today for the first time. I haven’t gained anything yet, but I haven’t had any negative PIs. There MIGHT be some slightly more prominent small veins in a couple of spots, but they are probably nothing new and wouldn’t be a big deal if they were. I’ve been keeping a detailed daily log about my dick, so I’m on top of this.

I’ve been trying to drop porn completely while simultaneously doing my PE routine. I have not had any problem getting hard enough to do my jelqs, but quitting porn has been challenging. I’ve gone periods of 11 days, and 4 days without Porn/Masturbating. I have avoided looking at porn or masturbating on PE days.

I know I probably shouldn’t expect gains in 3 weeks, especially doing a 5/5 program, but I’m only human. I will now shamelessly ask you to give me some encouraging/motivational advice to stick with the program, and tell me when I can realistically expect to see some measurable results? Thanks man

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Here is my report after 4 weeks of 5 minute jelqing and 5 minute stretching 1 on/2 off:

NBPEL: 6.125 inches
Erect Girth Base: 5.250 inches
Erect Girth Mid-shaft: 4.750 inches
Erect Girth Under Glans: 4.188 inches
BPEL: 7.00 inches

NBPEL: 6.188 inches
Erect Girth Base: 5.500 inches
Erect Girth Mid-shaft: 4.875 inches
Erect Girth Under Glans: 4.188 inches
BPEL: 7.125 inches

I’m pretty confident in the consistency of my measuring methods. Measurements were taken while standing with penis pointed 90 degrees from body after masturbating/edging to as erect as possible without cumming.

My erection angle is still the same, and there has been no pain or discoloration. I have paid particularly close attention to any changes in the veins in my penis. I don’t think there are any new veins, and the the veins I did have MIGHT be slightly larger now when erect, but maybe not.

It is encouraging to see some gains, though they may be very small and due to differences in my arousal level. I think the +.25 inches in erect girth at the base seems a little too big for that to be the case, and it definitely seems like I gained that .125 inches in BPEL.

My question is where do I go from here, Richard? Should I continue into the 10 minute jelq/stretch 1 on/2 off? Though I might have seen some slight gains, the exercises seem very brief and like I can go longer.




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