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PE and cuming

PE and cuming

Ever since I started PE, my penis has become really sensitive. I have always been able to last for 10-15 min but after a month of peing, I can only go for a couple of minutes.

Anyone have any exercises to help hold of my orgasm or something. I do 600-1000 kegels a day and it only seems to intensify my orgasms when I kegel to help stop climaxing.

Any advice?

Do some edging. Inscrease your time everyday ever so slightly. Thats how I went from about 8 minutes to the 45 minute session I just completed.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

I’m going to start that- I have a question though..

When I am edging should I just jerk off until I feel like I am about to cum and then kegel? Or do I just back off? Thanks.

if you are doing pe you can also breath out and crunch your guts. You know to retract your belly as far as possible. This isnt advisable to do so while having fun with someone else (except you are behind the partner :-) but if noone sees just go for it. Its quite easy. Also possible just give it a short break just before you cum. So have fun.

When you feel you are about to cum, just back off and be done for the day. Next time you edge, don’t pay attention to the time or for how long you’ve been going, BUT note when you started so when you finally feel the urge to cum, you can do the math and find out how much longer you went for.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.


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