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PE and Cancer

PE and Cancer

Now this is just a random thought, but is it possible that PE would increase the chances of getting prostate cancer. I don’t really know anything about cancer so this may seem like an absurd question to some.

If anyone has any experience in the matter, I would be interested in seeing what people have to say about it.


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If anything PE should reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

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I think there is an increased chance of cancer any time tissues are induced to grow. Growing one’s penis may slightly increase one’s risk of developing penile cancer, although the odds may be so small as to be insignificant.

Regarding the prostate, I do not think the prostrate normally grows as a result of PE. So one’s chances of developing prostate cancer are probably unaffected by PE.

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ModestoMan, I think there’s a flaw to the concept of “any time tissues are induced to grow.” Indeed, a cancer is an uncontrolled continuation of the growth phase of cells. However, simply inducing growth does not lead to cancer. That would imply that puberty, or natural human development, increases your chances to get cancer from birth and peaking at age 21 or so. Or in another scenario, people who body-build would be at extreme risk for cancer because they induce growth. This, I’m pretty sure, is not true.

Cancer, the uncontrolled growth, is a by-product of other cellular failures. Hence, there are things such as denaturation that can “lead” to cancer. Tissue growth in itself, is tissue growth. Cancer is a different form of tissue growth caused by specific occurrences and is not related to tissue growth in itself.

So, PE in the sense that we think of it (conditioning, elongation, etc.), the growth itself would not cause cancer. It is the methods used that may, IF they alter or harm the prostate in some way.

One thing I stopped doing was a form of ballooning/edging as an experiment. I would continue for extended periods of time and then reach a dry orgasm. However, as logic proves… If it doesn’t go out one end, it’ll eventually go out the other (bladder, then through the urethra when taking a leak). I’d heard, probably from this forum somewhere, that this back-up of seminal fluid could damage the prostate. I stopped, knowing that prostate cancer is a possibility in many men as they get older… and the last thing I want to do is damage the prostate.

My point is that inducing tissues to grow calls upon cellular mechanisms for growth. If those mechanisms are defective, cancer could develop. So, it’s not the growth per se that “causes” cancer; it’s growth accompanied by defective cellular mechanisms that could lead to the development of cancer. Hence the statement that growth leads to an increased risk of cancer.

Cancer risk was actually identified as a possible drawback of the Brava breast enlargement system. Breast cancer is fairly common, and studies have shown that a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer is roughly proportional to her breast size.

As for childhood growth, cellular mechanisms may be less likely to be corrupted in children than in adults, since environmental toxins are less likely to have accumulated. Also, defects may be more common in old cells than in young once, simply on account of their age, the effects of free radicals, etc.

Muscle cancer is rare. I don’t know if there’s ever been a study linking bodybuilding to muscle cancer, but I think the rarity to the disease would make it very hard to establish a clear link.

Also, muscles grow primarily through hypertrophy (increased cell size), rather than hyperplasia (increased numbers of cells). Since cell division is not big factor in muscle building, any defects in cellular reproduction would not come into play.

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