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PE after vasectomy

PE after vasectomy

If I posted this in the wrong place please moved as needed. So I have my 6th baby coming! I Was supposed to get snipped back in May and my wife was pregnant before I could get to the appointment! My question is has anyone here had a vasectomy whiling in active PE? And if so how long did you take off? Now I know we are all different I’m just looking for a general idea. I mainly a pumper with jelqing and stretches mixed in if that helps.

Hi Kingscounty.

Had it done 6 months ago and took it easy with PE work for about 2 - 3 weeks. The scar, even if it is very small, made jelqing uncomfortable. I managed to do some light stretching during this period dough.

Thanks Heavy! I’ll be keeping that in mind. I’ve always heard its good to take a couple weeks off so i guess that’s when I’ll take time off.

Depends what type of vasectomy you have had. In the UK now we usually just punch a very small hole in the scrotum, hook the tubes out, seal the ends then stuff them back in. No scalpel, no stitches. A couple of weeks healing followed by very light PE for a few sessions to make sure everything is OK should be fine if it was that sort of simple operation. But do start off easy!

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I had the same type fire goat talks about and was able to walk home and go back to work on Monday. Had it done on Friday afternoon. Felt a little tender on sat morning and was good by Monday. Was able to ejaculate whithin less than a week with no issues.

Thanks guys. Here in the states most but not all urologist do the no scalpel procedure. That’s what I was going for. Now if they could just make a birth control pill for us guys😁

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