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PE after body workout an advantage

PE after body workout an advantage

I was wondering if you could maximize PE gains by doing your PE workout directly after your gym session. Apart from the fact that your heart rate will still be up and your body will be producing more natural HGH and testosterone, it seems like a good way to get it out of the way so you can get on with the rest of your day. I’m thinking of combining my PE routine with an intermittent fasting diet/workout plan(AKA ‘lean gains’). It is said that IF helps you produce upto 10 times the HGH than six small meals a day. I got amazing gym gains and health benefits when I was doing IF last year, but I gave it up after I picked up a back injury. Although I found it sometimes difficult to relax on a night time before bed because of the hunger. BTW IF is basically eating the same amount as you would the whole day but in a 6 hour or less window. Plus working out on a empty stomach and fasting for another hour or 2 after your work out. I would love to hear what you all think or be directed to posts and articles about this subject.

It makes sense to me from a time management point of view. I need a shower after my workout so lately I pump in the tub. Cool down from work out, warm up and pump all at on e. I don’t know if the timing matters, it could be.

I do IF some days, and find it to really help my weight loss. I’m sneaking up on 6 inches off my waist, which is a ton. Ill continue to lose weight but now am thinking more about lean muscle and letting the fat loss just happen. IF is very handy for those times I travel and haven’t planned meals ahead. I prefer to just not eat rather than eat junk.

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I try to plan PE as well instead of just doing whenever. Avoiding extra showers and time “disappearing” from people helps to keep it more private.

This intermittent fasting sounds neat. Take a look in the fitness/bodybuilding section, you should find a whole bunch of threads to the stuff you are looking for.

I tried to stack my workouts once as you suggest, but I did find that after leg workouts, my PE workouts suffered greatly, jelqs in particular. I had a hard time controlling my erection percentage.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have looked through the body building thread on here, only some of it tho, and I’m yet to find an answer. The whole stacking thing makes sense to me as regards HGH and time management so I’m going for it just as soon as my back allows me. After leg day I’m always really horny! To the point of I don’t use the pubic showers at the gym on leg day in fear of getting a boner. Feel double awkward in them places anyway with my body being out of scale with my dick, being bi doesn’t help with unwanted stalk on’s in that situation either lol. So maybe I will also have trouble keeping an 70/80% hard on for jelqing too? Well I hope that it goes ok, I’m still in my first month and some extra girth would mean the world to me. Hope one day to be able to wear regular condoms and not have to worry about being too small!

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