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PE affecting sensitivity and losing erection

PE affecting sensitivity and losing erection

Hi All,

Recently been changing my routine around and focusing a lot more on girth exercises plus a few weighted V stretches into my repertoire.

I am getting a bit concerned because for the first time ever during either masturbation or sex I have started going soft.
I don’t seem to have a problem getting hard in the first place, it’s just maintaining it. What I seem to have noticed is a loss of sensitivity, I don’t really seem to be able to feel anything so that once I’m hard when I have a condom on I can’t feel anything, even without there is little sensation. Is it possible I could have caused some nerve damage that could cause this loss?

I’m just wondering if I have possibly been over training and whether anyone else has experienced such a significant change. I am going to have a break from PE to see what effect that has.
BTW up until now I was a completely healthy in good shape 30 year old, literally a couple of months ago I could stay hard for hours, now I’m going soft in minutes?

Any advice appreciated!

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Current: EBPL 7.5 x EG 5.5 (04/03/05)

Goal: EBPL 8.0 x EG 6.0

A break will have you right as rain again gorgon, but I would say that when you start to think that you are softer, having difficulty maintaining an erection etc. etc., it can have a psychological effect which compounds the issue.

Just take it slow and easy and don’t panic, that’s what I do :gulp:

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My erections have improved since starting PE but there is a thread that might be of interest to you by Sparky about positive and negative PI’s (Physiological indicators).

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