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Pe affect sensitivity

Pe affect sensitivity

I´ve been peing for three weeks now and it feels like I´ve lost some sensitivity at the glans. Have any of you Vets felt that your sensitivity has gone down as a side-effect from pe. This could just be something that I imagine, but it feels like I feel less at the penis.

I´m just pretty worried about this, because I really had to work hard to get an orgasm. And that´s not something usual for me.

And also an other thing; Im circum….?(hmm what´s that in english, I have no foreskin) and has always been. The thing is that my glans always get so dry. I can´t even masturbate without using vaselin or something similar. Do you people have the same problem and how do you keep your glans wet.

If you are convinced you are losing sensitivity in your glans and not just imagining it, take a look at your routine. Are your jelks too strenuous or prolongued? Another manual exercise or mechanical one like pumping or hanging?

In English, it’s “circumcized” or “cut” (slang).

Try instead a glycerine-based, water-soluble lubricant like K-Y, Astroglide, or many others. And resign yourself to using a large quantity of it because they dry out faster than silicone or Vaseline. If glycerine based, use Gprent’s technique of keeping a glass or a small bowl of water handy to dip your hand into re-hydrate the lube and get it slippery again.



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