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PDEI's Not Helping ED

PDEI's Not Helping ED

Hi, I am 18 and suffering from what I believe is performance anxiety. I have acquired some generic cialis and last night, once again, I wasn’t able to maintain an erection during sex. I try to stop worrying about the ED but it must still be in the back of my mind because the problem won’t go away. Is there anything you suggest? Are there any OTC anxiolytic supplements I can buy?

(I can achieve erection during masturbation when alone, I don’t believe the issue is biological, but psychological).


I had the same problem and I’m still working on’s all psychological. I think too much, and I’m guessing you do the same. My advice is don’t think about anything but the pleasure and just enjoy yourself. Also, stop masturbating and don’t watch porn. Edging helps too. I know how you feel, but keep working on it and it will cum :)

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