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Hello. I’m wondering.. Does PC muscle strenghten like every other muscle while resting time or it does right when you’re doing kegels..?

Also, what is the optimal rest/heal time for ligs? Thanks.

I’m pretty sure that the PC muscle is just like any other muscle and strengthens whilst resting, breaking and gradually coming back bigger. I’m not sure about the rest time for the ligs, although I’m sure someone else will answer you soon.

Good luck

Kegels are the exercises your doing when working your PC muscle ( Well, what you should be doing )

I’d also advise that you should use the spell checker

Don’t forget the search feature at the top of all pages and this link:


Good Luck

Dude, don’t want to sound like a twat or anything but you really should use the spell checker. It’s so that non English speaking can also benefit from this awesome site with the help of translators.

Looks like dongdon’s time with us may be short lived.


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