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PC pain when I kegel

PC pain when I kegel

Sorry if I confuse the PC and BC muscle here. I mean the one you tense when you kegel.

When I stretch straight up lately, and almost any direction for that matter, I often really feel it in my PC muscle. I used to be able to reverse kegel and I wouldn’t be able to feel it any more, but lately even that doesn’t help to much.
Sometimes it almost even hurts, usually way at the back of the PC muscle (towards my ass), it’s not a real pain, more of stretch kind of pain.

Should I stop doing so many kegels? I was wondering if maybe my PC muscle is really tense (kind of like you other muscles after a work out).
Or does this mean I’ve probably hit the limit of my ligs so the majority of the load is on the PC muscle?

Thanks for the help

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Hi Aussie,

You don’t give details of your routine. But I would guess you are overdong something and it is that which causes the pain when you do kegels.

Kegels are a natural muscle movement so should not cause problems . So it would be best if you looked first to your routine as the possible problem.

So I would suggest you halve your routine reps and see if things recover. But you might try giving yourself a weeks rest to let things settle down.

Hope that helps.


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