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PC flexes

PC flexes

I’ve read about Bib’s theory of tugback and about PC and BC muscle.
Its said when ur doing ur PC or BC flex u can feel that there is a slight tugback of your penis, does these means your doing it correct!?

and after the exercise ur supposed to feel sorenes in these areas, ryt!?
but what if u feel sorenes in your anus instead of these pc areas. What i mean is there a tinggling sesation afterwards like a heartbeat beating..

It’s making me frustrated, so any help will do!, THanks ;-)

Doing the Kegel exercise, or contracting the bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle, pulls the penis into the body slightly. So, yes, if there is a tugback when you contract the muscle you’re doing it correctly.

Feeling sore depends on how many Kegels you do. You can get sore from doing a large number, especially if you haven’t done them before. If your anus is sore, you’re squeezing too hard. If there is a tingling sensation, you may be doing to many too hard. Slow down, but continue to do the exercise because it helps in many ways.

Hey man! Thanks :-)

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