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pc exercise help

pc exercise help

hi all this is my first post in the forums!

i had a question regarding the kegels.

i’ve done them and notice some good things. i just feel a little better so far. you say its important for hardness. and i want to be harder. cause my angle isn’t the greatest and so forth.

ok, so when i’m doing my 50 to 100 compressions, how do i do them? should i push all the way or should i go real quick. to me, i’ve noticed that the muscle has a range to it. i don’t want to make it ‘bulky strong’ ‘cause i want to be able to shoot farther. i’m thinking of it like weight lifting and sports, where pitchers and them don’t have huge muscles but lean toned ones. also, what about the holds for counts of seconds?.. alrighty good start.. thanks..!..stats to come..!

Hi icicle, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Dr. Kegel’s exercise is an important part of most PE routines. There are a number of ways to do it as you’ve suggested. I think most guys do a moderate squeeze and hold for a second or two. They repeat it for 50 to 200 squeezes at a time, then take a short break. Some guys only do Kegels every other day, while others do them several times a day.

Why not try a short routine, like 100, a couple times a day for a week or so and see if you notice a difference in your erection or force of ejaculation? Then you can adjust the routine to fit your needs.

One other thing. Since you’re new you may not be aware of the Forum Guidelines. We have a number of members who do not speak English as their first language. Thunder encourages us to write in our best English, with proper capitalization and punctuation, to make it easier for non-English speakers to understand. So please start sentences with a capital letter, capitalize the personal pronoun “i”, don’t use “u” when “you” is meant, and try not to use the ellipsis (…) too often.



Can’t answer to many of your questions, however, as a suggestion go read the guidelines.

Now as far as the Kegals go, you can vary your speed, and it won’t really ‘bulk up’ but it will get stronger. Pushing out would suggest that you are doing reverse kegals, you also want to pull in. Next time you are voiding, stop the flow by pulling inward with that muscle.

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