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PC and BC Muscle Confusion

PC and BC Muscle Confusion

Hello all! Newbie here. I’ve been doing dry jelqs for a little over a month now, as well as edging and some ballooning. I started halfway through with kegels. I’ve done kegels in the past but now I’m taking it more seriously. I’m a little confused, and using Google and the search function on here and other PE sites isn’t yielding results for what I’m looking for. I’d love to hear from you guys directly, since it’s 2016 now.

From my understanding, the BC muscle controls the shaft, and can be isolated quite easily. When flexing harder, you start working the PC muscle, which goes all the way to the anus. There’s a third muscle should you flex even harder, but for now I’ll focus on these two only.

Which muscle should be my target? When I work the BC, I can isolate it. If I try to do the PC, it also works the BC. I’ve read in various places that the PC muscle is actually not the ideal muscle to train to control ejaculations, and that I should focus my efforts on the BC instead.

My goal is to have harder and longer erection times, and be able to control my ejaculations through these muscles. I’m genuinely confused as to which, or both, I should be working out. I also started doing reverse kegels which helps me during edging sessions, but would really like to know more about normal kegels.

Any thoughts on this dilemma?

Anyone knowledgeable on this subject matter?

I have realized that when I contract the genital area hard enough to contract all the muscles in the area, my penis will go harder than only contracting the BC muscle. Maybe it’s because I haven’t mastered it, I don’t know, this is only my experience.

See if this helps:

Locating the bc muscle

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Thanks for the link! That’s what I’ve read actually, which lead me to my question. If I could find the link again for not training the PC muscle I’ll post it. My question is more along the lines of “should I train my PC muscle?”

I can isolate the BC easily, and I train it a lot, but sometimes I also train the PC. Should I do? Is this that hurting my goal for control and erection strength?

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