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PayPal issues

PayPal issues

I tried to purchase an Vac Ads from monkeybar`s site and I got an PayPal account , but I couldn’t`t order nothing for a few days . I suppose to get a PayPal code. I checked my mail and PayPal account for the last 6 days an nothing. Where I suppose to find that PayPal code? If someone knows please tell me because I want to make the Vac Ads earlier anyway I`m going to wait like 2 weeks for the shipping and this issue with PayPal it makes my order harder to make. Thanks

Probably best to send an e-mail to Paypal and ask if they have received your applicaation.

They usually respond pretty quickly.

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If I remember correctly, PayPal will charge your credit card ( 1-10 cents) and the code should appear in the description of the charge.

PayPal charged me 1.50 $ , but where can I check this description of the charge?

You can wait for the credit card statement by mail or check it online. In my case I have a visa credit card from my bank so this is where I go see the details of my purchases. Your details of your charge of 1.50 $ should show the code.


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