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Paxil - Some Questions

Paxil - Some Questions

A few days ago I was talking to a friend about how I wanted to go and do a sex marathon with this girl I met, but problem was that I’m just not capable of holding my load from blowing. I can hold it to about 10 minutes by trying to control it, but after that, it just needs to go. So he pretty much told me to get some Paxil medication. He told me that it helps him from blowing his load.

So now here I am, he gave me a couple of them, but I’m kinda sketchy about taking them. Will there be some heavy side effects? Can it affect me if I take these pills but don’t really have anything wrong with me? If any of you on here have taken these pills and can tell me more about it, give some advise please? Should I take these only when I’m going to have sex? Not sure on how it works.

You can find some stuff on the web on it by googling for paxil premature ejaculation, or similar. But I will tell you what I know. I think you are supposed to take it an hour or 2 before sex. Depending on the size of the pills you may experience some side effects though not everyone does. I believe said side effects are usually a lightheadedness. I think some report more vivid dreams as well. Also keep in mind that if you take it too often you can develop some dependence on it such that you may experience withdrawal symptoms. I think it stays in your system for like a day so basically don’t take it more than once a day. Also, make sure the dose size is a reasonable staring dose.

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With Paxil I had rock-hard erections that would never go away. I used to fuck for an hour and a half without being able to cum. It was terrible. I didn’t have premature ejacuation difficulties before I took it. I was taking it for depression. The side effect of having my cock get raw and blistered was a nightmare.

Not only that, it made me nauseated and messed up my sleep patterns. Nasty stuff, IME.

The doctor who prescribed it did tell me that some of the women he treated gave it to their husbands to help them last and they were very enthusiastic about it.

I know a guy that was on Paxil for depression and it caused him not to be able to perform sexually at all. I’m not sure how strong of a dose he took.


I know a guy who’s on paxil now and his sex drive went through the roof

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