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Partial workouts.. good or bad??

Partial workouts.. good or bad??

I’m in the middle of moving - but I’m paying rent in two places. I also commute 1 1/2 hours a day each way at this point (ugh) - not making excuses here but I find my self doing less than half ass workouts and say to my self - something is better than nothing… no?

What is the consensus on this?

Definitely a little is better than nothing! But don’t get the idea in your head the little bit you are doing is enough.

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If you are doing a manual based routine and you have no time for the full version, I’d say do only jelqs - or even dry-jelqs, they require less time.

Yeah just keep a maintenance routine going so you won’t lose your gains;)

A 5-10 minute jelq session every few days should do you fine on that level:)

Tug on it while your driving.

lol @ driving tug.. but not a bad idea… glad u a;ll didnt say dont do this

Oh dear god, more chat speak around here. Please do mind the forum guidelines.

As for partial workouts. I would try fitting in stretching during restroom breaks and do your jelqing when you have a shower doing less strokes but more quality strokes.

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As you wake up. Brush your teeth with one hand and tug on your penis with the other.

Actually From the second you wake up. Pretend you only have one hand to get you through the morning. The hand you supposedly don’t have your using to tug away, until you get in your car and start your day. :) That’s about an hour of Manual stretches and jelqing if your good. :)

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Half a routine is better than none IMO.

3 hours commuting a day - plenty of time for some quality kegels!

Actually, set your about 15 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time; this way you can stretch in bed, which is healthy because your penis should be warm from being under the covers, and have good blood flow still from the nocturnal erections; testosterone is also high at this time, too!


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