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Painly grip problems, read, laugh, post your answer opinion

Painly grip problems, read, laugh, post your answer opinion

My mainly question is, how actually do I have to stretch my dick?

On my first pe session I was careful so I had no problems, but then on the second time after stretching and jelqing my glans was burning, the next few days I get a leathery skin on my glans and the rest of my dick, the colour of it becomes a little bit darker and I also lost 80% of my dicks sense of touch, I think thats because when I was stretching, I had only grip on my glans, if I try to get grip on the parts over the glans, the skin simply slides in the stretchdirection and then I only stretched the skin, not my dick, is it alright to stretch holding the glans? How does you do it? And yes I watched the video

I had first a warm up of 10 min, then stretching 30 - 40 min, and then 60 min jelqing

Now my dick seems alright again, the glans is not burning, the leathery skin peeled down (like a snake ^^), I think the sense is completely back (at least 90% should be back) and the colour should be fine now too

Ok, I have overdone it, that should be a warning for other newbies, it was also an interesting experience, how good the human body can regenerate injuries, I was closely to go to an urologist and tell him “look I have broken my dick, can you fix it up” ^^

It seems, that this time everything had a good end, but there is still my question on how do I exactly manual stretch? Another question is: is the glans fixed to the Erectile Tissues or is it only put on the Erectile Tissues and only “bound on a little bit Tissue”? If there is no other way, how much can I pull on the glans?

I think you over did it. I have been at it 3 months. I stretch everyother day.
10 to 15 mins. Always a warm up first. I feel the warm up should be done everyday even if it is a rest day. Sounds like you are not circumsized. My helmet head ain’t getting away from me when I put the finger lock on it.

I wet jelq 3 days a week. This is only for 10-15 mins. That is about all the arousal I can take without ejaculation. For psychological reasons I don’t want my PE sessions to be associated with sex gratification. I rest one day.

I try to make it a point to get some sex on the rest day. One way or the other :)

Hm .. How much did you gained with your routine?

Overdoing it may harm you instead I guess

I usually grip about one inch behind the glans, on the shaft. Then for the next set, I grip closer to the base. I never grip the glans for stretching.


Try and grip less tightly and dont stretch each rep to long. Make each rep no longer than a minute build up slowly and ensure you get blood back into your dick by doing a few kegels and shakes of your member. Do only 10 sets max to start with and build up slowly over a period of many weeks. Most peoples P careers can last many years and it takes them a long time to condition there members to heavy intense seasons.

Start off with your warm up then 5 to 10 stretches no more than 1 minute reps.
Do your jelqs 100 to 200 reps 2 stroke = 1 rep.
Cool down for 10 mins.(Heat and massage)

Do this for 4 - 6 weeks to condition your penis.

This will stop you getting injurys and get oyu on your way to building a bigger dick.

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