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For as long as I can remember my penis would really really ache after orgasm. With my ex we could have sex twice in a day but the third time it hurt enough that it was completely numbed. We would sometimes have sex a third time but I couldn’t orgasm.

Since splitting up with this girl about 3 years ago my sex drive dwindled. I even went one winter without masturbating at all. Over these 3 years I’ve had a few one night stands when they came onto me hard and I really couldn’t refuse, but mostly - nothing. So recently I’ve been having erection difficulties - I lost almost an inch in length and a lot of firmness, and eventually couldn’t stay hard at all.

I came across this site and started jelqing for about a week. It immediately improved erection quality, it feels firmer and I’m back to my old BPEL of 7 inches. I’ve just had 2 weeks off because a temporary change in living arrangements makes it difficult to remain discreet, but the erection quality and length remain, which is a very good sign. I’ll be able to start PEing again next week.

But I could barely jelq at all without feeling enough pain to suspect overtraining (although clearly that wasn’t the case). I pushed through it to an extent, and discovered whilst jelqing that some pain is particularly concentrated at a point where where this one fat blood vessel suddenly gets narrower before branching off. In time do you think my blood vessels will stretch out a bit and the pain will stop, if I go on with the simple newby techniques? The pain can get quite bad so I do worry I might eventually cause some damage but there isn’t very much I can do at all without it hurting.

Another question. While I have what I consider to be alright length (18cm BPEL) my erect girth is well below average (8.5cm). I would assume whatever problem causes the pain might also explain why it’s so narrow? I would go on with the newby routine until the pain lessens (and hopefully it will.), and then move on to horse squeezes .. But I’m worried I might gain more length when I really don’t want to until I have more girth. Are there any girth-only techniques that would be safe for a newby to perform?

Just focus on the health of your penis for now and stick to the newbie routine.

Pain is bad, but in your case it sounds unavoidable.

I don’t know what to tell you except take it really slow and maybe see a doctor about the pain in your penis. The pain after sex and the pain from PE might be related.

And who knows, maybe simply improving your circulation and penis health through PE will solve both of these problems. But definitely DO NOT move on to more advanced exercises until you have done 3-4 straight months of solid newbie routine. That is how people hurt themselves, and in your case, considering your current condition, I think that the risk of injury is even higher.

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I suggest to put PE entirely on hold until a visit to the doctor. You seem to have an organic problem (that pain is a clear sign) which could be worsened by PE!

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She was probably dry the 3rd time.


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