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I began my routine by warming up my penis with hot water for 5 minutes. I then did manual stretches for 5 minutes as well. I started jelqing and I felt and sharp pain on the head of my penis. It felt like it was a sharp pain coming from the urethra. I immediately stopped because I didn’t want to risk injury. It feels fine when I don’t jelq. Should I try again tomorrow night and see if the pain is present? If I get pain again tomorrow what would be wrong? An injury perhaps?

I’ve experienced the same pain when I squeezed too hard while jelqing. How hard were you squeezing?


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I was squeezing reasonably hard so then I squeezed less hard but it still hurt.

Take a few days off until the pain goes away and try the routine again with a little less pressure.


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I experienced once, especially if you have standard OK grip. Try overhand OK grip, squeeze harder at both left-right sides, less pressure at upper-lower sides.

In fact, I read somewhere (written by westla if I am not wrong), it’s better to press the left-right sides (U shape NOT O shape) for girth gain, since it hit CC directly, and if take a good look at the anatomy, the lower sides of the meat (I FORGET THE NAME) that has direct connection with the head, so if you squeeze at lower side, it will push more blood to the head and cause pain, and more dangerous, you are also prssing the uretha, and you will get problems.

Am no expert, maybe some vets has better answer…

Take a few days off (as long as you feel no more pain).
Try not to place your OK grip close to your glans, neither squeeze it too hard while stretching.
If you find that you have to tighten your OK grip while stretching or-else your OK grip slip over the glans, then use a little piece of clothe, wrapping around your penis.

Good luck!


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Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)


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