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Pain Levels

Pain Levels

So I’m new to jelqing but I’m not quite sure about the pain levels that are discussed here. When jelqing it is stated that it should be slightly discomfort but no pain. Than I read other threads where there wrists get too tired from jelqing and how to do it more effectively. I for one can not jelq at 100% or close to it. If I put a tight grip on it I get pain which according to here is not good. The pain is a slight “ow” but I can manage, but from what I hear NO PAIN should be felt. So am I doing something wrong? Is pain moderately ok ( the feeling of ouch) but not deadly? My wrist in no way gets the feeling of tired. I do not death squeeze my penis because pain is bad. I barely grip it with some preassure. So can I bypass the initial pain? Maybe its something I need to get used too?

Doing warm up is very very very important. You should do jelqs when your erection level is 60-80%
And enjoy when you are doing jelqs, do it slowly and
Do not forger to breath.

If you are new just do 100 wet jelqs.
But first do 5 min warm up and 5 min stretching
And when you finish do again warm up.

Use oil, I don’t feel pain.

There is no jelqing at 100% erection. Where did you get that from?

You should jelq with a nicely engorged fully flexible semi. Your grip strength should be such that jelqing feels on the good side of the equation.

There should be absolutely no pain involved with PE. Your cock is an instrument of pleasure and will respond best when treated that way.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I did mine at about 70% and no higher. I always used a great oil/lotion combo.

Never was there pain. There was pressure, sometimes heavy pressure. But it felt ‘right’ such that I could tell the tissues were being worked.

Pain in jelqing, for me, is just an absolute not-gonna-do-it thing. It’s my opinion the chance for debilitating injury is ripe at that level.


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