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Pain in top of penis head, at end of shaft


Pain in top of penis head, at end of shaft

I have no real knowledge of jelqing or the right way to do PE.. But I found an article explaining some techniques..

Last night I was squeezing my head while hard, and I felt a sharp pain. I stopped and since then, have had pain occasionally and whenever my penis brushes against my clothes.

Pain is in the top of the head at the end of the shaft. I also have some discoloration on the head - looks like bruising in small spots. There’s also a red ring just below the head.

I’m worried I caused some serious damage. :( I can piss fine but my guy looks weird and is painful.

No. It’s unlikely to be serious. You may just have bruised the glans with too much force.

Best to lay off for maybe a week. You might find some red spots. which will go away. When things are normal you will have to take it more easy. Don’t do jelqs or squeezes with an erection (That’s the usual cause)

Don’t worry about things - just give it time to recover

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You must have been squeezing the hell out of the little guy, you have traumatized your head and your nerve endings are in a hypersensitive state so any rubbing will cause discomfort. This will pass in a week or two, I am not sure why the ring has appeared unless you slept with something constricting the unit. Try not to murder your best friend.

Thank god.

Thanks guys! I’ve been really worried all day lol.

I had a very similar pain. Happened when I tried doing 2 workouts (early & late) of the stretches. Too much of a workout increase and too tight a grip. Went away after 2 or 3 days.

Search the site and you’ll find plenty of information on how to do the exercises correctly. Good luck!


Pain has been gone, but there’s still visible bruising / redness.

Also - I have lost sensitivity in the head! I hope it’s just temporary because of my dumb move

I have had almost no sensitivity in my head since this happened..

The pain is gone - discoloration still persists.

Will the sensitivity just come back in time? Should I just wait and hold off on doing anything and time will heal everything?

Yes, hold off a bit longer. You should continue to see improvement now the pain has gone. Do some gentle daily massage to help the bloodflow etc.

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So the pain disappeared in several days and I was able to get erections and masturbate fine several weeks later - I moved on and figured nothing was wrong.

- WELL -

Fastfoward more than a year!

I tried having sex for the first time a couple months ago (3x in 1 week, while very drunk except for once). I could only get a partial erection (halfway hard - mostly at base). I think this is because of my injury.

I got this injury from erect jelqing - My superficial dorsal veins are different now (very prominent under glans) and the “red mark” is still there - on top of my circumcision scar and right where my superficial dorsal veins disappear, in fact that whole top area of the penis is much redder now. But the bruising is very faint on the glans.

It’s difficult for me to get an erection masturbating - but I CAN get a full erection, but cannot maintain. My penis seems to fill up easily up to the point where I erect jelqed (underneath glans near circumcision scar), but beyond takes additional effort. But in the past year I’ve gotten full erections and ejaculated while masturbating.

I’m having all kinds of weird things going on as I constantly think about it:

Turtling with a cramping feeling (especially while drunk)
Hard flaccid
Head irritation
No pre-cum
Very low sex drive
Rare morning wood (only partial boners)
Rare random erections
Difficulty getting/maintaining erections
Skin from jelq point to glans is very red - while rest of shaft is “clear” & able to see veins
Random pain in head, shaft, base
Tingling sensation in head whenever I have ANY urine in bladder

I saw a urologist, blood tests came out great, T levels are very high, Duplex Ultrasound on flaccid penis saw great bloodflow - not sure what is wrong. He seems to think there’s no damage (now) and I just have performance anxiety.

Would REALLY appreciate some expert help on this. I want to have a fully functional, healthy, & healthy looking penis.

So this is a new injury from erect jelqing? How long ago did it happen? I’ve still got some superficial bumps/vein protrusions from a clamping experience years ago, so you never know.

Best things you can do are to give it more rest time and don’t let it get to your head. Maybe even cut out porn if you’re watching it to stay hard.

No, the injury is the same from 1.5 years ago.. But for some reason the redness/veins never improved. I’m wondering if I did any permanent damage.

Erections & erection process feels genuinely seem different. The skin between the red mark and glans seems redder than before & not as “clear”. Sex drive is very low and I’m having all kinds of random pains & changes in feelings/flaccid size.

I don’t know whats normal and just need someone to tell me exactly whats going on - psychological or whatever so I can get to fixing it.

My friends and family say I have a very addictive personality - I get addicted or consumed by an activity or thought very frequently. Maybe I’ve caused these symptoms to persist from a one-time run in with failing to get a boner or seeing a random hard flaccid?

Sucks because I’m a virgin but finally have girls wanting to have sex with me. It’s Senior Year (University), want to be able to function and confident my penis is normal and healthy.

So you’ve had difficulty with erection strength the entire time? It sounds a bit psychological to me from your posts. I’ve had trouble with performance anxiety with new partners in the past; the more you think about it, the worse it gets.

Taking ED meds the first few times completely solved the problem for me, then I quit taking them after my confidence returned. I don’t really want to advise taking unprescribed drugs (especially if you’d become reliant on them), but have you ever taken any blood-flow supplements to see how they affect your EQ? What about poor masturbation habits?

Since I’ve tried having sex (couple months ago) - yes. Prior to that, I can’t be sure. My mind wants to focus on all the negatives. I find it difficult to believe I hard performance anxiety.. Because a long time ago I cuddled with a girl once and had a huge erection for over an hour and plenty of pre-cum, but never had sex or made out that night with her, I remember being really nervous then. But years later when it comes down to making out and escalating to sex when I’m confident, I can’t get a boner.

Never tried blood flow supplements, but recently doing research green tea, gingko, etc.. My urologist mentioned trying viagra/cialis just to help my mind - he believes there’s no physical problems. I’m sitting here worried I have venous leak..

Definitely have poor masturbation habits. I’m starting to believe I’ve been overexposed to porn (when I was a teen and prior to the injury) and for at least a year or two now I’ve used a firm & fast grip.. Causes skin irritation a lot I’ve realized. Maybe that’s to blame for less sensitivity and difficulty getting up?

I feel like this could just be a huge mess of psychological influences piling up in a cumulative negative environment for boners, lol.

Dude, take the Viagra and plow some chick. Performance anxiety is nearly impossible with one of those in your system. Your story is sounding more and more normal. Fix some of those masturbation habits and I’d wager that your EQ comes back.

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