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Pain in inner thigh

Pain in inner thigh

Hi, every time I jelq or aggravate the right side of my penis, the inner part of my right thigh starts to hurt a little. It is a weird kind of pain, but it doesnt really hurt or anything more of a poking kind of feeling. I’m thinking it’s vein related since I have a huge vein on the right side of my penis. I definately am not one to overwork my penis and this has been going on for a while since I restarted pe a week ago. I can feel it also during ejaculation. Is anyone familiar with what this could be?? Any help is appreciated!

Hi got5onit I also used to get this pain in the inner thighs after jelqing. After a while I noticed that it got less and less painful as I got conditioned to the jelqing. I also noticed that the way I was sitting while jelqing would effect the intensity of the pain. If I lean back while jelqing the pain would be more intense, sit up straight and the pain was less.

However, I don’t think it is anything to worry about.

Thanks a lot for the info! Good to know I can continue jelqing.

I also noticed the little stretch feeling on the right side of my inner thigh. I can feel a vein. It happened last week, but now it is not so bad. I can hardly notice it.

When I noticed it, I would warm-up that area with hot rice wrap. I also took aspirin to thin the blood (some PEers recommended using aspirin).


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