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Pain in ab-pubic region

Pain in ab-pubic region

I’ve used the Bathmate a few times so far and I am liking it. I used it earlier today. I started feeling a discomfort/small pain/soreness in my lower abdominal and pubic region(not on my dick or balls though) this evening. Wondering if anybody has had this type of feeling or just if those lower muscles are also getting worked?

I think it is simply the pressure of the device against bones. Ease up pressure.

I’ve had that feeling before, it was too much pressure and blue balls from not jacking it to release the mini mes. :) So ease up on the pressure. But I don’t use a bathmate, just a normal pump.

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Even though it don’t feel like your dick and balls it maybe connected as in the area your describing has body parts that are connected, ease up the pressure or time using it. Until your body gets use to it.

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Ok. Thanks for the input guys. I’ve taken a break for a few days so far and it feels a little better. I was thinking it felt like a possible hernia too maybe. I will rest for a few more days and do less pressure. Could this be a problem in the long term use with a bathmate? I still want to have kids someday and don’t want it messing with the vas deferens or any of those important features.


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