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Pain at base of the penis when stretching

Pain at base of the penis when stretching

Hey guys, I have been lurking around here but haven’t really posted anything, but after starting to do PE I figured it would be important to post a small problem I am having. I have been doing the general newbie routine (warmup, stretch, jelq, warm down,kegels), but the part that really kills me to do is the manual stretches. I am fine when I stretch to either side, or down and to the side, but when I stretch out, or up for that matter, the right side of the base of my penis kills me. If you can imagine pulling your penis out a bit, it would be the right side tendon type thing that seems to connect the upper pubic area to the penis. (I am sure there is a better, more scientific name for it, but I can’t find it) I have searched the forums and have found people with similar problems, but with no solutions, if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it greatly(Maybe an even longer warmup time?) If there is any clarification needed I will be glad to help..


How many weeks have you been stretching?

Basically sounds like a sore lug.. I started with the same issue. Taking 3-4 weeks off, then coming back lighter on stretching and Jelqing should solve the issue.. The first few months are about conditioning. Once that is solid you can build a much stronger routine

Some guys find the linear newbie routine much better to start. Read at that and conditioning.

I had a similar pain when I began PE. It was at the left base side, and going up to the pubic bone connection like you say. I felt it may have been a spermatic cord, or ligament, wasn’t sure. Unlike your pain, mine was activated from downward stretching, or from too much stretching in general. If it got aggravated, I needed to take between an extra day to an extra week off, and it would be OK again, but I was never able to do as much stretching as I would have liked. It kept coming back, limiting my PE, very annoying.

Anyway, after I had PE’d for 8 months or so, I decided to try BTC hanging with a Bib. Within about 1-2 weeks of doing that, the weird pain stopped and never came back. So one of two things happened. Either hanging pulled out a tight ligament/sperm cord so that it was no longer as constrictive - or the problem went away by coincidence and has nothing to do with hanging. Either way I can now stretch or hang as much as I want without that pain coming back.

It was a very light hanging routine at the time, in the 1-3 lbs range. It’s very possible that I just built up enough conditioning for the pain to go away, and that happened to coincide with the beginning of my hanging. Or maybe something about the different attachment point of the hanger compared to stretching was now targeting the correct tissues to condition in order to fix the pain. I don’t necessarily recommend hanging, or believe that it would work for your pain. But for what it’s worth, that’s how it went with me.

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Id lay off the stretching for a week or so you probably damaged something so rest before to do permanent damage

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