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P.E'ing problem

P.E'ing problem

Hey lo all,
I have been doing P.E on and off for about 2 months

But what I find is that whenever I start ,my penis just shrinks looses size and just feels lifeless/dead and cold all the time but when I give it a week break or so it comes back to life. So my question is am I going at it too hard for example should I be putting maximum tension with my stretches or just a light stretch. Maybe I’m just getting over eager and over doing it, any help greatly appreciated

I am currently trying out the newbie routine but even that seems a bit too extreme for me, maybe I’ve just got awful blood circulation, ooh I dunno

Any ideas

I think comfortable is the word you’re looking for in regards to stretching. You’re not trying to pull your dick off, just add a little tension. A good indicator you are doing it right is a sensation of mild pressure at the base where your pubic bone meets your shaft. As far as your circulation is concerned there are things you can do to improve this. Do you smoke? Do you exercise regularly? These are questions simply there to narrow down what might be a root problem with poor circulation. I personally have had good sucess supplementing my diet with L-arginine. Since you are attempting the newbie routine I assume you are jelqing. How tightly are you gripping and at what erection level? Also it is important to note that the newbie routine is a conditioning routine so being overzealous this early on could lead to injury. I’ve fired off alot of question at you for one reason, In order to pinpoint what the problem is it would probably help if you gave detailed description of how you go about your workout. I wouldn’t want you to quit cause of this I know early on I wanted to quit several times because of adverse side effects. So like said try and describe to us how you are doing your exercises and I’m sure everyone will be able to chip in with plenty of ideas.

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Yep I think I should give the half newbie routine a try thanks thunder, feels like I’m being a bit slack then hehe
But I’ll be patient and give it a try

To your questions veesel nope I don’t smoke,I goto gym/exercise regularly
I squeeze pretty hard at erection lvl 50-70% pretty quick strokes, mostly up towards the ceiling,
Using ok grip palm up
Seem to get more blood flowing that way, but I find even without doing the jelqing
I find I get a lifeless penis from doing just manual stretches, but I will fix this by stretching
Till I feel a nice stretch.

I believe my protein shake I take sometimes contains l-arginine in it but I probably don’t take it often enough
To make a difference

I think lowering the intesity should help me fix this problem , thanks you all for help

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