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P.E. Dangers

P.E. Dangers

I read on numerous penis pill websites that jelqing can cause men do become impotent and suffer from erection difficulties. Is this true? Does it happen in a matter of days? I never jelq fully erect only about 50% as I am aiming for length does this mean that I am less likely to become impotent or have e.d

As with anything, the danger comes when you go way overboard. Stay in control of what you are doing and listen to your body feedback as you perform exercises. You will not only not have any problems, you will improve your cock health and become much less likely to suffer from impotence or E.D.

By the way, I hope you know those pills are all scams and they do not work.

Originally Posted by matt646
I read on numerous penis pill websites [snip]


Therein lies the start of the problem. Many of those websites give misleading information because they are hocking a product. There is no charge to come to this website. Moreover, there is no agenda other than helping with the size and strength of the erection on this website.

You have come to the right place. I jelq and clamp 6 times a week. I clamp jelq at almost FULL erection. My erections are always stronger after a session, or a few days after for that matter. Erection difficulty would arise only if you are putting too much pressure on your unit, or if you were doing it incorrectly to the point of injury. Jelqing opens up the blood vessels and cells, and forces blood and nutrients in there.

You have to see what works for you. Jelq for a few weeks and watch what happens. This is always a telling sign as to what your body responds to. I hope this helps. Welcome aboard!!!!!!

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