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P E Question

P E Question

I am very very very very very very interested in PE…and am wondering how successful is “the pump”. I have no problems having an erection…and some people tend to think that people who want to be BIGGER have erection problems! Not true here! But what really works! You can’t blame a guy for being skeptical. I don’t want people to look between my legs and say “Oh, that’s nice”! I want them to look down there (even with clothes on) and say “DAMN!”

Any advice will help. Thanks.

Welcome aboard..

Hey peach,

You came to the right place! First, forget the pump. Second, like the new member instuctions say, READ, READ, READ. Just about everything you need to know is available on this forum. DO some looking around, then do some serious learning, then if you have questions or need help setting up a good beginner routine for yourself, just ask. Have fun!!! :D Third, did I say Have fun?

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Welcome itsallpeach

As Thunder said, Read! A good place to start is the FAQ’s, Newbies and Hanger’s forums. Most of your questions will be answered there. There’s a wealth of information here to help you get where you want to go. Enjoy the ride!


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That’s why I am coming to you guys. I don’t want the type of “piece” that people look at and say “Oh! That’s nice! I want the kind that makes them yell “DAMN!” and run away as fast as they can (unless they’re UP for a challenge).

the pump can get you some pretty impressive temporary gains over time.

the problems with it are
1) it’s temporary. that means if you meet a chick and you want to impress her with the size of your tool, you need to be at your place, excuse yourself for like 30 minutes then come back.

2) it makes your penis look really really nasty if you pump up to huge sizes. you can look ok if you pump to slightly bigger, but then again, you’re spending a bunch of time for very small temporary gains.

if you’ve never seen pictures of pumped dicks that have really increased in size over their norm, it’s REALLY obvious that they’ve been pumped. they’re large because they’re swollen and puffy. The skin looks all funny and if you don’t take measures against it, you get a “doughnut” which is this hugely swollen thing of foreskin right underneath your glans.

there’s also a larger chance of damage if you pump.

the good thing about the pump vs exercises is you gain significantly almost right away. (usually more in girth from what i hear).

as for PE exercises, it’s kind of frustrating because there’s a chance that you’ll do it for months and you’ll gain NOTHING. some people have experienced that. also your gains come so slowly that you’re not sure if one day you measure more because of your exercises or if it’s just the normal variations that your penis size goes through. for example, i MIGHT have gained .25” in length and a TINY bit in girth from doing PE in the past month, but the .25” length gains seem to come and go. one day it’s obviously .25” bigger, the next it isn’t, but the day after it is… skeptic that i am, i won’t really think it works until i gain over .5”. there’s no way variations in measuring/variations in size will make up for that much gains. :-)

and as for me i want women to think “whoa! i THINK i can fit that!”. i wouldn’t want to lose any tail for having one too big though. :-) people on this forum say that they bottom out (hit a woman’s cervix) at around 7-7.5”.

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