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Overweight and testosterone level and penis length

Overweight and testosterone level and penis length

Hi ,

I’ve read something about that overweight causing your blood capillaries to closing down and this process(a lower testosterone level etc) gives a signal to your penis to convert the elastic sponge tissue of the penis into connection tissue.

So the longer you are fat or the lower your testosterone level is , the more of those elastic tissue will convert in just normal connection tissue.

And the less elastic tissue you can train with jelqing or whatsoever , the less you will gain with penis exercises.

No, I don’t think so. Being overweight contributes to a rise in estrogen which can affect testosterone production, but I’ve never heard of any tissue “conversion” because of it.

Well I’ve read it in men’s health

The change was supposedly also irreversible

You’ll have to come up with a more reputable source than a monthly magazine Verthirz. Do they quote any scientific sources?

Reputable source ?

Well , I thought Men’s Health has a pretty good reputation.
They mention some specific study that shows conversion of elastic tissue into connection.
It was an entire article about penis health, you know.

I'm overweight


I’m overweight, I’m just 186cm tall and mu wight is more than 112kg.
I indeed had a good gain, in a small period.

Verhitz, do you have a link for that article? We could all read it that way.

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Or at least the name of the study that they referred to.

I agree with wesla on this one. Conective tissue is connective tissue erectile tissue is erectile tissue, this is the nature of the two beast. When you lose weight you reveal more penis because the fat pad shrinks, and the adipose thickness also shrinks revealing more penis.

This is like the notion that you can turn fat into muscle, I’m surprised Mens Health would print such a thing.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Men’s Health is a monthly magazine and has incentive to keep releasing “interesting” articles. They rarely cite sources so I wouldn’t rely on it for much information.

Yup , they said with getting a lower testosterone level , more penis tissue will get ineffective for the rest of your life.
But OK , perhaps they just want to be shocking.

They also states , if you stop smoking you gain 1 cm.

Maybe so, but irreversable?? Ehhh, I doubt that.

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(Insert exceptional quote here) :P

Sounds a bit like Men’s Health is aiming to go the tabloid route.

If they’re going to make such a statement, they had better cite their sources with complete documentation, even internal documentation.
Without it, they’re going to be as credible as those guys who manage to “find bigfoot” every few years.

:ufo: :idiot: :ufo:

Doesn’t sound right to me.

Did find this though…t/full/30/4/363

Androgens are essential for development, growth, and maintenance of penile structure, and regulate erectile physiology by multiple mechanisms. Here we provide a concise overview of the basic research findings pertaining to androgen modulation of erectile tissue architecture and physiology. A significant body of evidence exists pointing to a critical role of androgens in erectile physiology. Studies in animal models have provided fundamental knowledge on the role of androgens in modulating tissue architecture and cellular, molecular, and physiological mechanisms. Based on data from our laboratory and those reported by others, we believe that androgens play a pivotal role in maintaining the structure and function of the peripheral penile nerve network, the structural integrity of the corpora cavernosa, the tunica albuginea, and the endothelium of the cavernous spaces. Further, androgens play an important role in regulating the differentiation of precursor cells into trabecular smooth muscle. In this review, we will focus our discussion on findings pertaining to the role of androgens in regulating penile tissue architectural elements in modulating penile function. This knowledge has a profound impact on the potential use of androgens in the clinical setting to treat patients with erectile dysfunction.

Androgen deprivation in animal models, by surgical or medical castration, produced significant reduction in trabecular smooth muscle content, and increased deposition of extracellular connective tissue matrix (Traish et al, 1999).

The smooth muscle content of the corpora cavernosa relative to the connective tissue, assessed histologically with specific staining, is defined as the smooth muscle to connective tissue ratio. A decrease in the trabecular smooth muscle content concomitant with increased deposition of connective tissue matrix is expected to produce tissue fibrosis and ultimately erectile dysfunction. The severity of symptoms and clinical findings in men with erectile dysfunction was correlated with reduced tissue content of corporal smooth muscle (Nehra et al, 1996, 1998; Wespes et al, 1997, 1998).

Androgen deprivation in the animal model resulted in accumulation of adipocytes in penile tissues, particularly in the subtunical region (Traish et al, 2005). Testosterone replacement restored normal cavernosal histological appearance.

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