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My flaccid has been a little firm lately. I think I might be overtraining. My PE schedule is Monday and Tuesday ON. Wednesday OFF. Thursday and Friday ON. Saturday and Sunday OFF. I’m at the 2 month mark now and I’m up to 50 second stretches in each direction and up to 200 jelqs. I have been PE’ing on and off for three years, although I had recently taken a year off before I started up again. Is my workout intensity reasonable for where I am in my PE journey?

If you’ve been doing this routine consistently for 2 months, it doesn’t sound to me like over training. You’re doing 4 days on 3 days off, which is pretty normal and it doesn’t sound like you’re over do’ing your sessions from what I’ve read (newbie here). Is it painful at all? I’d say if you’re worried about it, take a week off, then get back on your routine. Just my .02

It doesn’t sounds like over working it, looks like a pretty safe routine if you ask me. Do you have any other negative PI’s or is that the only one?

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If you think you are overtraining, then why not slightly reduce the PE you are doing to a level where you were happy before and see what happens. And if that fails, reduce again or take a break for a week or so.

What do you mean by your flaccid being a little firm lately? Is it kinda stiff? Is it just plump and at its fullest? How is it during your 3 days off, does it get better the longer your lay off the PE (I know you only have 2 days off max at the weekend, but is it slightly better on the Sunday?) Do you warm up and down? How strong are your stretches and jelqing?

Remember that any healthy penis is better than any beat up monster dick any day of the week. Good luck Slib.:)

I don’t think your over training since you have plenty of rest days, just check for other negative PI’s.

My flaccid is just a little stiff. It’s not hard or anything. It’s just not as soft as it was before I started to PE again. The firm flaccid is the only negative PI. My EQ has been through the roof lately and I’ve gained .25 inch of length in the 2 months that I’ve been PE’ing. It’s been mostly positive PI’s.

Stiff flaccid penis is a negative PI for sure. But if your other PI’s are good (ie. night wood), maybe it’s working for you.


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