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I would really like to work some stretching or ADS into my routine for some length because I truly feel like 100 or less jelqs every other day or even 2 on 2 off really didn’t provide enough work or force for my unit to grow.

The red spots showed it was doing something, and many would say they showed it was too much instead of not enough.

The Cheeva New Jelq City jelqs are partially stretching if you are doing them at low enough erection level.

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I have a really hard time with being patient with something if I don’t know that its working for sure. I will work on this but I just wish I had a SOLID routine to stick too over the course of a few months. I say a few months because short term goals sound much better to me because of my lack of patience with doing something if I cant see progress.

I feel the same way. That’s why I measure daily. BPEL is too hard to track every day. I do it flaccid, bone pressed, stretched, twice a day, each at the same time each day under the same circumstances. I also do kind a semi erect measurement, but most will say I am fooling myself with that one. (I know I am not, I think for me it tracks BPEL mm for mm, but we won’t talk about it because people will be all over it and partially rightfully so as it take a lot of practice.)

The thing with the flaccid measurement is that you can see retraction right away. If you chart it, and are in a good zone, you might see an incredible steady trend upwards in just a couple weeks.

These daily measurements are an art, they take practice. But for me at least they show me where I am going right away without waiting a month or more. I can then adjust my workout right away or take days off. I would be lost in PE without them.

The main thing with measuring flaccid is not to do it too hard. You will stretch your flaccid as much as one mm per day, but your erect won’t be coming along for the ride.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits