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Overtrained -- Firm flaccid


Overtrained -- Firm flaccid

Hey guys,

So I’ve gone and done it.. In my eagerness to get a bigger unit I pushed my limits a bit too far. I’m a little worried, but I think I’m heading in the right direction to jump start the healing process. I’d like to hear some opinions from you guys.

Here is my story:

I’ve been PEing since February. I followed the linear Newbie Routine for 2 months and got up to ~10 minutes of stretching and ~8 minutes of jelqing. The jelqing was done at about 20% erection level. I took a two month break (April & May) from PE, because my schedule was too demanding. In June, I started back up where I left off PLUS I added more exercises. Bad idea.
Instead of doing an ordinary stretch in 5 different directions, I began doing V and A stretches in all the different directions and at different points along the shaft. My stretching time jumped to ~20 minutes. This went on for a week, I didn’t notice anything wrong at this time, but I wasn’t paying attention as well as I should have. To make things worse, I started doing piss pulls 3-4 times a day. I noticed after a day or two that my penis was turtling after each piss pull, and yet I still continued for another week. About a week ago, after a fairly intense PE workout, I noticed my unit was pretty hard in it’s flaccid stat. At this point I knew I had messed something up and stopped immediately. I haven’t noticed a change in my flaccid size, but the shaft just seems to be firmer than normal.

I did some research on Thunders and Google, but couldn’t find something that I felt related directly too me. I decided to just take some time off and see how things went. I rested for 3 full days and noticed some improvement. I felt pretty sure that everything was working properly so I decided to give it a workout and I edged for a while. Afterwards I noticed the hardness had come back. Apparently the healing process wasn’t complete.

I’m going to give myself a full week off of everything and see how things are doing. I started taking a L-arginine and Ginseng & Ginkgo supplement, I read somewhere that these will speed up the healing. I’m also applying a hot bean bag 2-3 times a day for about 30 minutes each time.

Does this sound like an effective healing plan?

Do you think I’m looking at a couple weeks or healing or a couple months?

Can I fix this with home remedies or will it require more intensive methods (surgery)?

As always, thank you everyone for your time and consideration. All your responses are greatly appreciated.

*Also, If a mod could move this to the appropriate Forum, that would be great.

Don’t do any PE for month you needed a break anyway. Warm wraps 30 minutes per day constant heat like a rice sock. Some guys have had luck in healing this with arginine. Maybe arginine could help. At any rate don’t do any PE until it completely heals.

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How about sex? I’ll be hard pressed to keep my girlfriend off me for that long. I’m worried about it because the edging session seemed to reignite my problem.

I’m going to try for no sexual activity or PE for the next week, hopefully I can wait 2 weeks.

Originally Posted by Kinurr
How about sex? I’ll be hard pressed to keep my girlfriend off me for that long. I’m worried about it because the edging session seemed to reignite my problem.

I’m going to try for no sexual activity or PE for the next week, hopefully I can wait 2 weeks.

Tell her you injured your penis and you have to give it time to heal. Do you have any pain and is it hard to maintain an erection?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

After the edging session I noticed a bit of achiness in my groin. Nothing major though. Erections come and go as normal and they are still pretty hard.

Other than having a hard flaccid sometimes, everything seems to be normal. My flaccid length actually seems longer than normal, but maybe this is due to the L-arginine.

Ok this may be shedding some decent information on my quest to find the right routine for me. What exactly is a ‘hard’ flaccid as opposed to spongy or fluffed? My flaccid is definitely firmer than when I haven’t been doing PE but I can still bend it totally back on itself. If I had to define it I would probably say it’s firm but I’m not sure. Should I be able to feel a firm(ish) part running through the centre of the penis? Is there any criteria for distinguishing?

I had bad firmed flaccid by my stretching.

It takes me months to be completely healed [ during the heal process I still do some light workout to help]

so now, I want no more intense workout, and no more stretching.

Originally Posted by Cumberino
Should I be able to feel a firm(ish) part running through the centre of the penis?

Yeah I’ve found the same thing, its just a slightly firmer centre to my penis after my PE workout. I don’t think that is doing any harm though as I am gaining and maintaining a 10 EQ all the time. Also get morning wood all the time too.

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Short Term Goal --- BPEL 7.000/EG 5.000

Long Term Goal --- BPEL 7.500/EG 6.000

Dudes,if you are in any pain perhaps aspirin will work.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

What are the negative affects of having a firm flaccid penis? Will PE be less effective? Has the penis damaged or injured? I have noticed that I am firmer but I am by no means hard. I have gained since starting PE and I have improved EQ, so how can I tell if I have over trained?


I just went through the same experience. It’s a real pain in the ass, because it’s demoralizing not to be able to work on PE when you’re all geared up to go. My flaccid penis stayed hard for a few weeks after I overworked it. Slowly, it got a little bit better, but it didn’t get soft again until I put an extender on. After one session it went back to being completely soft again in a flaccid state. Go figure. If you have an extender give it a try.

So it’s been about 2 weeks of no PE and no sex. The firmness seems to have faded away, but I still don’t feel like it is 100%. I’m going to give it another 1-2 weeks before trying anything at all.

I would compare the ‘firmness’ I was feeling with a 5-6 EQ erection. My unit was pretty hard all over and had no give to it. It just didn’t have the sponginess that it used to.

I don’t know if this is a major problem for PEing, but I didn’t want to risk it.

Try applying heat as often as you can each day.

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It has been one month since my initial injury was observed. For the past month I did not masturbate, have sex, or PE. I did take L-arginine, exercise regularly, and apply a hot wrap almost everyday. My condition has improved significantly and I feel my unit is almost 100% again.

This past weekend I began having sex with the girlfriend again. I did not notice any firmness after. The sex wasn’t exactly a marathon. After one month of nothing at all, I was pretty eager to let loose. I plan on trying a gentle edging session or two this week. If there is no noticeable firmness, I will resume a <b>very</b> light PE workout schedule.

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