Overstretched scrotum skin turkey neck

Hi everyone,

I ran into a little problem after trying hanging for only 2 days.. I hung btc for 6 sets at 10 minutes for only 2 days, and by the 3rd day I noticed a turkey neck forming and scrotum skin hanging higher above the shaft. And more noticeably, the right side of the scrotum hangers higher than the left. I think I fucked up when I was wrapping and had some of the scrotum skin get caught inside the wrap while I was hanging.. My questions are.. Since I only hung for 2 days.. Is this permanent? If not, is there a way to reverse this? I am uncircumcised, so the scrotum skin that was pulled up gives my shaft even more excess skin now, which I’m not used to and feels awkward. Furthermore.. When I pull my foreskin down all all the extra skin builds up at the base of the shaft, it looks so weird. Has anyone ever ran into this problem? Or overstretched the skin of some sort? Anyone had success reversing or correcting these issues? Thanks..