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Well, the thing is that thanks to a site i got from here, i have discovered that actually im overmasturbating.

The site says that the normal quantity is about 3 or 4…. hehe, im always above 7….

After jelqing and being hard for over 20 minutes with a prominent mushroom i get too horny, and its impossibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to stop ittttttttttttt…..

Comments, advices?, please!


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Three or four a times a day? Week? Month? Year? Hour? Minute? :)

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Do some sports for at least an hour a day.

I hope that’s like at least a week.

yep in 7 days….


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What is “over-masturbation? anyway?

You can only define it through “average” numbers. Lots of men do not fit average patterns.



The association of masturbation with guilt and anxiety is partly due to the ignorance of the fact masturbation is not harmful. These negative sentiments are partly due to centuries of religious teachings that masturbating is sinful. In addition, many of us have received negative messages about masturbation from our parents or have even been punished when caught masturbating as children. The cumulative effect of these influences is usually confusion and guilt, which is often difficult to sort out. However, the only time masturbation can be ‘bad’ or harmful is when it becomes compulsive. Compulsive masturbation, like all other compulsive behaviors, is a sign of an emotional problem and needs to be addressed by a mental health specialist. Sex, of course, is extremely pleasurable and all things pleasurable are addictive. Over-masturbation can cause serious problems that aren’t limited to the bedroom. Frequent masturbation should be addressed.”


I “rub one out” at least once a day. There have been periods in my life that I was masturbating 3 times a day. The longest I have gone without masturbating is probably 4 days. Unfortunately, my wife of 8 years does not have my libido.

uh, Dr. Lin strikes again….that website is owned by Newnan K. Lin. He’s a scam artist. Don’t listen.

I go about once a day with some occasional days off. Sometimes I go for several days without if I’m not feeling up to it. I’d say your rate is perfectly normal, especially since you’re PEing.

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