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Overhand jelqs better?

Overhand jelqs better?


I have done dry overhand jelqs my last 3 sessions. Doing this gives a very nice feeling in the cock, not like stimulation but like massage or something.

To avoid from stretching out the skin, I take the grip just under the glans, then pull back the thumb so the skin doesn’t stretches out while doing the jelq. Do you think this is better for avoid turkey neck?

Also, I get a lot better morning erections after doing overhand jelqs.

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Well I’m not an experienced guy, but I also prefer overhand jelqs, much easier to grip right at the base and I think it’s better for avoiding turkey neck.

Everyone’s different so you just have to experiment to find what works best for you. I actually use an overhand grip with one hand, and the standard grip with the other simply because it feels more comfortable.

While doing regular jelqs I throw in “overhand” every now and then, because it feels great, and changes things up a bit.

As far as avoiding turkey neck, I was under the impression that it was a result of your penis growing in size, but your skin staying the same, so your increased size in penis is pulling some of your ballsack skin to compensate. So stretching your shaft skin would keep you from developing turkey neck, from what I understand…though maybe someone who has had turkey neck first hand can correct me.

I make the 2

I do Jelks 150 (normal) and then 150 Jelks overhand.

It feels like the overhand leaves more swollen.

Staying with the soft stick during Jelka overhand is more difficult.

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If you are doing dry jelqs correctly, they should not result in any addition to a turkey neck as the skin should not be getting stretched.

You know what I was having pretty bad turkey neck I figured I would be stuck with it forever. I got tired of doing under hand jelqs it made wrist hurt and skin would occasionally burn. Well its been over a year since I did any real under hand jelqs.

The other day I noticed my skin seemed tighter recently so tight that my balls don’t hang low often anymore. I have been thinking a lot about how my skin seems tight and I came across this thread and it instantly hit me the under hand jelqs must have been causing my turkey neck. I am virtually turkey neck free now and skin is much tighter at base. I could not get even wet jelqs to not stretch the skin under the shaft. Under hand jelqs are the only thing changes in the past year too.


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