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Overhand grip vs underhand grip

Overhand grip vs underhand grip

Hi everbody, what is the difference between the underhand grip and the overhand grip and which one is better?

Underhand is knuckles pointing toward the ground, overhand is knuckles toward the sky. Most jelqing is done overhand.

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The Penis enlargement videos illustrate the answer to your question quite well. Try both and see which you prefer and/or which one seems to work best for you.

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Originally Posted by rovira7
Which one is better?

Honestly depends on your penis size and if its uncircumcised or not.

I am uncircumcised with a lot of foreskin and 6” BPEL, meaning during jelqing my penis is around 50-60% erection which an overhand is rly hard to apply for me. I go all way with underhand and I had slightly results in less than 1 week.

Except if you do jelqing at almost full erections which an overhand would work at low sizes.

Personally, I have always preferred overhand. I have tried both and it is far more effective, for me. I can get down deeper towards my fat-pad and my grip tends to be tighter also. Try both and see which suits.

As above with uncircumcised penis it is different.

I tend to mix it up. If I do overhand I tend to pull the forwskin back and with one hand at the base I would jelq with the other hand for 10reps and then switch.

When I do underhand I tend to leave foreskin forward and just kill hand after hand. Problem with this a feel sometimes it stretches the skin more

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