I am close to 8in BPEL too.

I have been doing Consistent ADS 4-7hrs/day 4 days/week. And then bib hanging with 16lbs. 20-40min/ 3 days/week. I also pump before me and my wife have sex which is 2x/week or so. I have gained again from 7.625 BPEL to 7.875 in last 3 month with this new routine. I originally started back in 2000 and since then have pumped 2-3x/week and did jelqing 4-5x/week with very little bib hanging and NO ADS. I love doing the ADS. I use a Vac ADS. I originally started at 6.75 BPEL, so in 10 yrs of inconsistent PE (other than the last 3 months) I gained 1 inch approximately. So Now I hope to keep being consistent as I have already seen good progress.