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i read that if you do 300 or more could the muscle shrink or injured

it would be enough to flex for 2 min (4x for 30seconds)

i noticed that if i do 200 flex and jerking after that i can’t cum because the muscle is to weak.

Huh? Can you restate that? What are you jerking? And when you do 300 or more of what?

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Reword the above question so that we can make sense out of it and I am sure someone will give you the answer your looking for.


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i meant 300 kegels .in the article i read stood that this could injured the muscle?

Hi dany_84,

Please read The Forum Guidelines. And please capitalize the first letter of each sentence, so it is easier for everyone to read.

As for your question, where is the article that you read? 300 kegels will not injure the PC muscle.

This is a part of a enlargement programm :

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I seriously doubt that doing 300, 1 second kegels a day is going to shrink the PC muscle. Some like to do a 1 day on/ 1 day off for recovery, but from what I’ve read in the past, the PC muscle recovers fairly quick. The goal is to be able to hold a kegel for a certain length of time (i.e. enough to stop ejaculation during sex), so if you can hold a kegel for 30 seconds, I’d say you’re doing pretty good in that department. :)

Do what feels best for you. If 200 kegels doesn’t feel right, then do 50. Or 100. Or 10, 10 second holds. There are many PE programs out there that suggest the best way to do a kegel routine (like any other routine), but really, it all comes down to what feels best to you.

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