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Over training how long does it last for you

Over training how long does it last for you

For those of you who have ever over trained. Done too many jelqs or over stretched, but not hanging, how long did it take for you to recover? Days? Weeks?

It all depends, i usually take saturday and sunday off but usually just one day out of the week. I have taken a week off and my penis feels so much better and it feels like i have a new dick but usually i go 6 on and 1 off, stretching in the morning and jelqing in the evening.

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For me it has been anything between 1 day to 1 week (no hang or pump) but in my opinion when there is over training but not injury a week is more than enough and 3 days should be enough.

Note: You should always keep in mind that all bodies are different and what is true for most could not be true for you.

3-5 days on average. Sometimes a week, just to make sure I’m back to 100%.

What do you mean by over training? Did you get bruising or a blow out? Are you just getting that “tired dick” inner soreness? I’ve really only had experience with some red dots on the glans and the tired dick feeling. That usually takes a day or two to go away. I do an every-other-day schedule anyway though just to be on the safe side.

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1 day, if I get any bruising.

Depends on how long you’ve been overtraining(OT). For mild-moderate OT,from 1 to 5-7 days, but for flull blown OT , 1-2 weeks and more, if the case requires. And I’m talking about “tiredness”\low EQ , not any visible injury, from which you recover when you see it healed.

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