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Apparently I’ve been over-jelqing. I used to jelq for about 30-40 minutes because I heard you had to do ATLEAST 30 minutes of jelqing to get anywhere.

I’ve heard other people on this forum say that this can be counter productive, which could be true seeing as I haven’t had any gains for 5 months. I haven’t lost any length or girth either though.

I was just wondering if this over-jelqing would affect me now. I now do 10 to 15 minutes of jelqing instead. Will this previous over-jelqing have a negative effect on my penis now??? I really hope not ‘cause I would like some girth/length gains.

Any information would be a big help. Thanks everyone!

I used to do about 30-40 minutes of jelqing as well. I never heard that it is counter productive, and I cant see how that is even possible. Now I do 20 minute jelq sessions, but MUCH more intense sessions. You shouldnt have any problems if Im not.

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I don’t think that jelqing for that amount of time will do any harm but personally, I’ve found that jelqing for periods much longer than 20mins causes my flaccid hang after PE to be smaller.

I theorize that the extended periods of jelqing shock my dick into retreat.

I’m sticking with a 20min intense jelqing routine which leaves me with a good flaccid hang and has given me some good erect length gains so far.


SlamInTheLamb gives good pertinent advice here. The classic sign of overworking with the jelq is when you hit a reduced size flaccid after the session. If you are hitting this its probably too much otherwise you can do what you are doing and monitor your gains closely.

Personally I find a shorter jelqing session can be more productive, you simply squeeze all the effort into a smaller time frame.

If for some reason your gains stop often you can restart by performing a shock routine, which would be a lot of intense jelqing (and squeezes and whatever else you can think of) but consistently doing a shock routine is probably counter productive. Don’t consider shock routines until you’ve been doing this for 3 months or more.

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Hey, thanks everyone.

I’m just gonna stick with 15 minutes of jelqing now since I’m only going for length at the moment. Might need some help later when I need a bit of girth.

Thanks again!

I agree with the intense 20 minutes. should see better results

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so is PE


I don’t know if anyone is still reading this thread but I’m gonna write a reply anyway.

For the past week or so I’ve only been doing about 15 minute jelq sessions. There is no comparisson, a 15 minute jelq session (for me atleast) is about 100 times better than a 30-40 minute jelq session. After jelqing now my dick is pretty huge and it stays that way for a looong time.

And now that people mention it, I do remember my dick kind of shrinking up a bit after a 30-40 minute jelq period. So I guess it was not productive at all.

Anyway, just wanted to tell people that jelqing for 40 minutes is probably too long.

Great news Mick,

Its always important to tune our sessions regularly to keep them at peak effectiveness.

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Great to hear it’s working for you Mick.

Keep us posted.

Just a question,define “intense” if someone would?Does that just mean harder squeezing during the jelq?I do about 300 “reps” or jelqs which comes out at around 15 to 20 min for me.Thanks in advance

:) Good question. We could easily have various meanings of intense. If you hit pain you’ve gone to far but work up intensity over some weeks if you are new to jelqing.

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I have found out that jelquing really hard one day combined with girthexcersises and then taking a day off workes best for me. There should be more people trying this. After a day the penis (at least mine) is fully recovered. Otherwise you will break down more cells than you build up. Compare it to bodybuilding where you don’t exercise the same muscles everyday….

Restarting everything.

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