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over 100 red spots, eek!

over 100 red spots, eek!

Heay guys, yesterday must have been my most intense session and still today the 100+ redspots haven’t gone away.

I’m wondering if others get this effect often and if not, am I really over doing it? I obviously know I’m over doing it already but would like to know how much redness is acceptable in the seniors opionions.


What’s your routine? I’ve never had that many red spots and I have given myself a few very intense sessions in an attempt to pick up lost gains. For me, I’ll accept a few red spots as being fine. If I get several, I usually skip a day and take it easy for the rest of the week.

Does your penis feel like it has been over-worked? Maybe your problem isn’t the intensity with which you are applying your techniques, but the way you are griping your penis. You may be holding it in a way that is causing your skin to bunch up in specific areas and is damaging the fine blood vessels in your skin.

Let’s see what some of the other more knowledgeable guys have to say about this.

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Heay maybe you’re right about the bunching up effect because I do dry jelqing which tends to pull the skin and bunch it up. My routine is on my progress thread but, I have to admit that I don’t really follow my routine so well, I tend to deviate a lot, I’ve been doing squeezes in the middle of my jelq session and stuff like that.

jimmys progress thread!

I’ve never let red spots bother me. They look fairly messy, but soon go away.

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