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Our secret is safe, ignorance is NOT bliss

Our secret is safe, ignorance is NOT bliss

Just this week, during my psychology of sexuality class, my professor showed us a video. We were working on the male anatomy chapter, and lots of penis questions came up. Studies show that most men are between 5-7 inches, with a 5.1-5.5 median/average. Then he showed us a video “bullshit” that debunked PE. I was laughing inside as I watched this

Penn and teller hosted the episode. They had three experiments, testing pills, pumps, and exercises. Three guys were measured (flaccid stretched) before, and measured in the same manner after. Each individual had either pill, pump, or exercise (we know it as jelqing). The pill was extenze. The pump was a typical pump. The the wannabe jelqer was only up to 300 jelqs by the fourth week. Whether or not they stretched or warmed up is unknown, but judging from their lack of knowledge, I doubt they did anything beyond what they THOUGHT was necessary.

It was a four week trial, and no one got any increases. The “experiments” were terrible. Four weeks isn’t enough for anything, and using one single method? Come on. Regardless, I’m glad that there are people denying PE. The exploitationists (extenze, longitude, email spam) have made PE fictional in the eyes of the public. They’ve made PE even jokable. Comedians, like Dave Chappelle, have made references to PE.

In closing, any comments, questions, concerns, feel free. I don’t know if I posted in the right place, but I’m just a newbie right now. And a few questions to any readers:

What do you think of the public’s opinions on PE?
And to any scientists, Was the experiment a legit experiment? (I’m not a science major, but I am curious)

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I don’t think the public opinion will change any time soon, the laughable nature of PE in the public eye is pretty well entrenched in popular culture. Off-hand I can recall at least a half-dozen jokes in TV shows and movies about penis pumps. Until I really got hardcore into empiricism, I accepted the dogma myself.

And no, that’s not really a “scientific” experiment, it’s a token TV experiment. Like you say, a single method over four weeks with a grand total of one participant per method has no real validity. It’s a bit of pseudoscience to look like something has been properly debunked.


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