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Our 'secret' is out!


Our 'secret' is out!

Recently somebody mentioned the Channel 4 show in the UK, where a guy attempted to make his penis bigger.Well it’s on now. He bought a range of ‘gadgets’, which looked like a ADS, Hanging Weights and a Vacuum Pump. The funny thing is, it looked like he tried them and then took them off after about two minutes.

Then just before the Ad-break, he finds the ‘Holy Grail’. It shows him behind a paper screen door jelqing…. It appears that PE may have finally come to the attention of the masses, the only question is, will people research it enough for it to be effective and give it enough time, unlike the guy on the show.

Also, he made a casting of his penis, it measured 7.5 inches. He then watched some guy get some stuff injected and then complained that he had a small penis. Some pople eh?

I am watching it as well. It must be the worst program on TV. It talks a whole load, but actually tells you nothing informative. He basically gives PE no chance at all, there is no point in the program at all.

And the boy that says he has 10”. Yeah right!

Yeah, did you notice the 7-7.5 inch guy went REALLY quiet as soon as the Welsh guy mentioned he was rocking 10inches? I felt bad for him.

Wow, after just 2 weeks of ‘hard jelqing’ he gained 1/2 inch, he is now 8 inches.

Quite possibly, however the show only came on an hour ago, although it may have been a repeat? Unless its the afternoon there in America Land.

Originally Posted by Slinky
Wow, after just 2 weeks of ‘hard jelqing’ he gained 1/2 inch, he is now 8 inches.

I know thats crazy gains for just two weeks, it looked like he was flaccid jelqing. Its just given me some more incentive to get back jelqing.
His method of measuring wasnt the most accurate though, unless he did measure properly off scene.

He measured the 1st cast on top of the shaft an the 2nd cast after 2 weeks on the underside of the shaft just rewatched on channel 4 +1 lol.

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I presume the mold was a way around not being able to show an erection on tv, but yeah far from scientific, if you’ve ever tried to use a molding kit it’s not easy and he probably just maintained his erection better the second time.

Also notice he measured the underside along the curve which would give a longer measurement.


Yeah an the 1st cast didnt look to have an has prominent curve as the 2nd. Yeah i have tried to use the clone a willy kits def need an extra pair of hands.

Sorry Thunder, I will do.:)

Did anyone by chance record the progrramme? The guy was reading about jelqing and I wonder if it was from Thunder’s routines.

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Hi petitfaun,

It wasnt from Thunder’s routines. This is the link to what he was reading

I found the link to some clips from the show,…le-beauty/video, but apparently you cannot view the clips in the States.

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