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OUCH! - The painful truth of success.


OUCH! - The painful truth of success.

I need some help. I have been doing PE for just over a month. I now measure 6.25 BPEL and have been using a pump and Penimaster.

My head girth is 5.25 inches erect which is an increase of .25. Good news BUT my foreskin is naturally very tight. The last few times it has been pulled back, the outer skin has split. I have been very careful with it and tried to avoid repeat injury but this is the second time it has happened.

What can I do to loosen up my foreskin so that I can prevent this or do I need to tollerate this as part of gaining? I am interested because I would like to achieve 6 inches girth which is a long way for an already tight foreskin to stretch. In the meantime I will take a few days rest to let it heal up again.

What do you mean by “tight”? you can’t roll it back? And where did you break the outer skin?

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Can you get the skin to go forwards as well as retract? (I mean not a paraphimosis condition)

The first thing to do is to get it to heal. That’s tough to do on something like a foreskin since it gets so much action. I’ve never had it split personally, but if I did, and I wanted to avoid a doctors visit then I’d get something like a sodium hyaluronate gel (eg. which may help bridge the torn area quicker, but more importantly reduce scar tissue which would otherwise remain a weak point in the future. Scar tissue tends not only to be weaker, but to contract as it heals over time, so scar avoidance would be a high on my to do list personally.

Once it’s healed up then I’d do gentle daily stretching, or perhaps even tape it back in a taut position for long periods of time. I seem to remember reading somewhere on Thunders where they got a cortisoid prescription gel to help soften the skin, but maybe others with a bit more knowledge in that area can chime in.

Easy when you’ve finished peeing pull the foreskin gently back over the head a few times as far as it goes. This will stretch it with time. I had the same problem when my dick grew in puberty. I never followed my dad’s advice about pulling back the foreskin when peeing. Now I have a really, really baggy (too baggy) foreskin. Even when I’m erect I can cover the dick with foreskin. However there’s lots of space for potential growth.

Thanks guys.

When I say tight what I mean is that when fully erect its stretched to the max to go over the head. I’ll try stretching it often as suggested and try to reduce the scar tissue.

I used to be concerned about the foreskin going back over the head in case I got an erection, since it was so tight when flaccid it would be impossible to return if erect and I was scared of it cutting the blood off or something.

I don’t know how exactly that all changed, but with it getting stretched a little more each time the problem eventually went away over a couple of years. Knowing my dick better these days, I’m sure the same could be done in a month or two without using any special techniques other than to stretch it back for a little while each day.

I had the same problem. I used to stretch it daily for about 30 seconds, it didn’t take long to get it nice and loose.

Thanks Raul I’ll give the stretch for 30 secs a day a try. It keeps happening and is not funny anymore..

Same thing here. I used to have a very tight foreskin when I was a boy. I remember having to exercise pulling the foreskin over the head and it was damn painful. Now it’s all right and I have no problem with that. You could exercise stretching your foreskin or just get circumcised.

Originally Posted by powpow
You could exercise stretching your foreskin or just get circumcised.

YEEEOOOOWWWW!!!! I would go with stretching it…lol.


LOL.. But yeah.. Circumcising? YEEEEEEEEEECH!

No frigging way ;)

She said you had a small dick huh? Well just remind her of what Tom Arnold said about his soon to be ex-wife, Roseanne, when she said very publicly that he had a little dick - "Hell, even a 747 looks small when you put it in the Grand Canyon". START: 2004-12-06 EBPL 6.70" BPEL, EG 5" CURRENT STATUS: Full Healing Break (Plasticized ligaments need time to heal -- Beware the rotating manual stretches ;) ) 2005-01-07 EBPL 7.68", EG 5" GOAL: EBPL 8.5" (ENBPL 7.9"), EG 6"

What freaks you out this much about circumcision??

Circumcision is not that bad.. I have been circumcised and it looks a lot better circumcised

They call me Mega G!

Oh, I’m circumsised, but it happened when I was born. I can’t imagine going through that now. Isn’t it painful?


Painful? I don’t think so, they freeze the area before they cut. Maybe after it can be a little painful…That doesn’t scare me and I consider getting it done someday.

PigBenis, the best name I’ve ever seen.

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