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OUCH! - The painful truth of success.


Oh so now you tell me...

Originally Posted by ynarevith73
YEEEOOOOWWWW!!!! I would go with stretching it…lol.

I had this problem myself, so I went to the doctors and got it circumcized! So I could have just stretched it instead ??? :furious:

Urrrrrrgh, I wish I had found Thunder’s Place years ago!!!

Oh and by the way, getting it done doesnt actually hurt. They put you and general anastetic so you’re not even awake when they cut it. The only side-effect is that because the head of your penis is not used to being exposed it’s really sensitive for about a week afterwards. It was ridiculous. The mere rubbing of my penis against my trousers made me feel like I was about to come!

I like having a foreskin, I guess you could say I feel attatched ;)

So I would rather not consider circumcition unless it was absolutely necessary. I’ll go with the stretching. Its gone a week without tearing, but I have cut back on PE big time. I figured it would be best to let my foreskin stretch to the new size without pushing the limit further..


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