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Hey guys,

I’m a little confused.
What does OTS work as of ligaments and tendons vs BTC?

Does one method need to be done before the other?


OTS pulls much more on the root of the penis and the shaft.

BTC puts stress more on the ligaments and the exposed shaft, leaving unexposed shaft under much less tension.

There’s a whole range of opinion on what should be done first. Generally, people favour the idea of stressing the ligaments first because there was an idea that the ligaments are easier to stretch and this exposes more inner penis. I think that idea has been partially debunked on various occasions but the idea of stressing the ligaments first persists. It’s worth noting that lengthening surgery cuts the ligaments and in combination with post surgical hanging can sometimes increase flaccid size. It could be said that the hanging part is much more important than the surgery part as those who hang often achieve as good if not better results.

Simple questions. Simple answers. That’s what we do here ;)

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Thank you!!
That’s what I thought initially, but I wasn’t sure.
I was reading some articles regarding the position of the penis where it points.
* 6 o clock you should be doing OTS
* 7-8 o clock you should be doing BTC or SD

I think the article was stating that those references can be utilized as the best bang for you buck. None in particular can be chosen.
Just like you stated.

Hopefully that sounds right.

Thanks for clearing the confusion up.

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